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Bringing Jewelry to Life

Life is a Beautiful Motif, full of Love, Beauty, & Compassion. Motif Jewels is a company that draws its strength through its diverse talents and people, coming together to bring jewelry to life. We build our business on our passion for jewelry, creativity, and life stories. We incorporate a traditional business model with the latest cutting edge technology, creating some of the most beautiful unique custom pieces of jewelry within the Industry. Motif Jewels looks at all facets of life to bring out the inner beauty and style of each customers. Our customers’ stories are very important to us as we create and transform precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones into beautiful custom pieces of art to celebrate our customers life’s most precious moments; weddings, anniversaries, and birthdates. Jewelry is an expression of our inner beauty. It can be a simple gesture of appreciation or a profound symbol of our everlasting love. Motif Jewels wants to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime and can be passed down as an heirloom for future generations by bringing your idea to life. Our slogan is “Bringing Jewelry to Life!”

Faces of Motif Jewels

Diane and Jorge, not just wanting to create a company to just sell diamonds and jewelry, but they wanted to build a unique business that is able to create an experience of a lifetime. They believe that a company should have faces, passion, and values behind it. Their business motto is “Bringing Jewelry to Life.” Life is so intricate and delicate, surfing through waves of happiness and pain as well as special and not-so easy moments; therefore, Diane and Jorge’s passion are to create unique and meaningful jewelry to celebrate these joyful moments, “Bringing Jewelry to Life!”

Diane was born in Vietnam in the aftermath of the war, and her parents decided to make the dangerous voyage to the United States, seeking a better life for their family. They boarded a small refugee boat that was built for 20 people, but 120 people crammed into the bottom of the boat of whom included a 2 months old baby, Diane, who was the youngest person on board. On their journey to America, Diane suffocated in the small-enclosed boat and almost passed away because there was not enough oxygen flowing through the bottom of the boat. She was crying for air. When she stopped crying, her grandmother noticed that she was no longer breathing so her grandmother grabbed her and pushed her small body through a small window. She patted Diane and miraculously her tiny body came back to life. She feels very fortunate to have made it since 2 million “boat people” left Vietnam as refugees, but only 800,000 people survived to land in other countries. An oil tanker passed close to Diane’s boat, but they were not going to rescue the boat until Diane’s father lifted her up in the air to show that there was a small baby on board and miraculously the oil tanker rescued them. She thanks God daily that he has helped her survive and thrive in the beautiful United States of America, a land of love and opportunity.

Jorge was born in the Salinas agricultural valley of California and was raised in a ranch in the outskirts of a small town. His father was a Cuban refugee who swam two days on a raft to gain his freedom in the United States. His mother was born in Texas, a daughter of a Korean War Veteran, who eventually migrated to California. Jorge’s mother is one of the most loving and hardest working person he’s ever known. Jorge was raised modestly with strong morals and lots of love that transformed him into the passionate, entrepreneurial man, and father he is today. One advice his father would always say in Cuban was “in order to get ahead in life you need faith in God and courage.” Starting at a young age, Jorge would push himself to be the best he could in everything he did. Determined and full of passion, he was set to take on the world, never losing sight of his dreams and most importantly never losing faith. Jorge has participated in sports since the age of 5, ran a marathon by the age of 18, won the Golden Gloves Championship in amateur boxing, and eventually reaching one of his dreams of becoming a professional boxer. He landed his 1st professional fight and won. Jorge’s athletic experience has helped refine his strong leadership skills and character. Jorge continues to push himself to be better by continuously self-reflecting; focusing on mind, body, and spirit like a jeweler applying the 4c’s to determine the value of a diamond.

Diane’s family has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years and with God’s grace Jorge & Diane were able to open a jewelry store of their own. Jorge furthered his knowledge of the industry by attending Gemology Institute of America (GIA) to be better equipped for the business as he is now a certified GIA diamond grading graduate in which will allow him to choose and buy back the best diamonds for our customers. Diane specializes in looking and sorting out beautiful gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds worldwide for her customers. Together with their jewelry designers, goldsmiths, and sales people, they are able to offer their customers the best value and knowledge for the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry!

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