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Diamond Care
Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry

Over time, diamonds and jewelry can build up residue and grime from everyday normal wear, accumulating a thick layer of film. It can obstruct the diamond’s brilliant appearance by blocking light from entering a diamond, making it appear dull and lifeless. Although diamonds are one of the hardest known substance on earth, they can still be affected by dirt and undesirable substances internally or on the surface, which can hinder their beauty. In between durations of long use and wear, cleaning is essential in maintaining the appearance; however excessive cleaning with chemical solutions can also put wear and tear on jewelry, lessening the longevity of metals. Coatings and other materials used to enhance and treat diamonds can sometimes be removed by harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing. The ideal key to cleaning a diamond is sparingly only when needed to make your diamond ring look its best.

On a case by case setting, use mild liquid dishwasher detergent for engagement and wedding rings, letting it soak in warm water for up to 30 minutes. The soaking method works best for prong or cathedral designs; but be aware of basket and pave settings, as soaking them for long periods of time will loosen stones. Do so at your best discretion to limit the duration, or opt to hand clean with a warm soft washcloth, microfiber cloth, or wet cotton swabs dipped in mild soap for detail cleaning. You can also use a toothpick for precision, but keep in mind you want to be delicate when brushing and scrubbing stones and metals, as it can scratch the metal or loosen the setting with excessive and repeated movements.

Gentle and Effective Ways to Clean Diamond Rings

Here is a list of useful steps and procedures:

1. Soak the diamond ring in warm water up to 30 minutes (5 minutes for basket/cathedral settings) with half a teaspoon of mild liquid dishwasher detergent.
2. Move the ring back and forth gently in the solution water, do no shake repeatedly as it can affect and loosen the stone setting.
3. Close the drain or put the ring in a strainer. Remove the ring and rinse thoroughly in warm water to remove soap suds.
4. Inspect ring for dirt under prongs. If present, gently use a toothpick carefully to loosen and remove dirt in hard to reach areas.
5. Use a lint-free soft microfiber cloth (eyeglass lens cloths work fine) if necessary to remove additional dirt and dry.
6. Use tweezers if there is lint or other fibers stuck in the setting. An electronic dental water flosser is very useful in flushing away additional trapped lint and grime.

Cleaning Unfilled Diamonds

Diamonds that have not been fracture-filled can be cleaned with a solution of ammonia and water. For fracture-filled diamonds, use a mild liquid detergent because over time ammonia can cloud or even remove the coating that has been treated on the diamond.

Cleaning Rings with Multiple types of Gemstones

You should consider the best method of cleaning your jewelry by choosing a method that supports and protects its weakest element—this may include various precious gems. By selecting a method that is suitable for the stones that are less durable, it insures the longevity of the lesser stones and preserves the quality of the higher ones.

Avoid and Protect Diamond Rings and Gemstones from Chlorine

Chlorine is a very harsh chemical agent with corrosive properties and should be avoided at all cost when cleaning jewelry. It can greatly speed the process of rust by oxidizing metal and can leave diamonds and gemstones altered in appearance.

Enhancing and Adding Extra Shine and Luster to Gemstones

Window and glass cleaners are highly effective in giving gemstones that extra shine, however it contains strong chemicals, so be careful when soaking a ring, and let it sit no more than a minute. Use cotton swabs to spread the cleaner on the surface of the stone, and finally thoroughly rinse with warm water to remove any residue of the cleaning solution. Dry the ring and gemstone completely with a microfiber cloth.

Removing Adhesives and Sticky Substances

Goo Gone is a great way to remove sticky substances and adhesives in jewelry. However it should be noted that excessive use can loosen stones; so use with caution and only apply to areas where it is needed like the inside of the band or outside surface areas of the gemstones.

Containing and Storing Jewelry

Store jewelry individually to prevent scratches and keep it stored in a dry and cool place. Diamonds can scratch other diamonds if they are stored too closely together. Make sure to use separate storage for maximum protection of your jewelry.

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