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Diamond Carat Weight

Carat is a unit of measurement used to classify the weight of a diamond. The term Carat is derived from a unit of measurement from the wheat grains of carob seeds, hence the term "Carat." Before the twentieth century, carob seeds were the ideal counter unit in evaluating the weight of a diamond. Today, the term carat is still widely used, even with the progression of technological advancements and the units of measurement being constantly redefined.

Diamond Size and Diamond Carat Weight

The carat of a diamond is measured by the proportional values of its size and weight. A diamond’s size is measured in relation to its diameter. The diameter is measured in units of millimeters (mm), and is then factored to the equivalent of its carat weight. A 1-carat Round Brilliant Diamond is usually the equivalent to 6.5mm.

However, not all diamonds will have exact measurements; since each diamond, at its most raw form, go through a cut and polished process. When all facets are finalized and the shape is completed, a polished diamond can be reduced as much to 2/3rds of its total carat weight. Since larger rough diamonds is scarce and harder to come by, and smaller rough diamonds are more abundant, a larger stone weighing 2 carats will be more valuable than two 1 carat stones having the same grading and high quality.

The proportional weight of a diamond is relative to its index mass. Although these properties in weight can dramatically fluctuate compared to its overall crown size, when looking down on the table and crown of a diamond, it may not appear as much of an increase. When comparing a 1-carat to a 2-carat Round Brilliant diamond, a 1-carat stone is equivalent to 6.5mm and a 2-carat stone is equivalent to 8mm, and therefore the 2-carat may not be visibly seen as double in size to the 1-carat stone.

Which Carat Weight Is Right For You?

Choosing the right carat weight really depends on what is personally appealing and aesthetically pleasing to you. Because a diamond's appearance is mostly focused on the table and crown, whereas the overall mass (carat weight) is overlooked and not given much thought, the visual size is what generally draws your attention. Although carat weight does affect the size of the diamond and price significantly, consider which carat size (diameter) and cut best suits your needs. Click here for our size chart and carat weight reference.

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