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Types of Ruby:
July | Ruby

Rubies are one of the four cardinal precious stones. This gemstone has the reputation as being amongst the most valuable given its excellent hardness, superb brilliance, and captivating color. What makes this stone even more superior is its extreme rarity. Traditionally rubies are a birthstone of July and also celebrated as gifts for the 15th and 40th Anniversaries.

The name ruby comes from the Latin word “Ruber”, meaning red. The most prized shade of red has an inclusion of blue tint, which is known as pigeon’s blood. Traditionally rubies were set in yellow gold, where the yellow in the gold negates the bluish cast. The warm and fiery ruby red hues symbolize passion and power. In mediation, rubies are believed to attract spiritual wisdom, success, and protection.

Rubies are in the same mineral family as sapphires: both are corundum. The red color in rubies can range from orange-red to purplish red, but corundum stones with any lighter hue of red are generally categorized as pink sapphires. The element chromium causes the red, while iron and titanium play a secondary role. With a hardness scale of 9 Mohs, rubies follow only Diamonds and Moissanite. Rubies are very durable and safe for everyday wear. This allows the stone to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or with steam.

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