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Platinum is a precious white metal known for its resilient strength and remarkable white satin sheen. Platinum's natural white shine and luster will never fade or change color. The white sheen beautifully accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of any diamond, making Platinum a stunning setting for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.

It is the most pure metal, comprised of 95% pure Platinum and 5% other alloys. Platinum jewelry is usually denoted with a stamp or hallmark “0.95 PLAT” or “95% PLAT”. This purity classifies Platinum as naturally hypoallergenic and therefore is an appealing choice for those with metal sensitivities. Another notable quality is its strength and weight. Its strength is unrivaled in securing gemstone setting. And its weight, 60% heavier than 14k Gold, attests to the fact that Platinum’s luxury appeals not only to the eye but also to the touch.

Platinum jewelry is usually not plated and tiny scratches may occur. Also natural patina has a tendency to occur over time. Natural patina is an aged gloss that appears with daily wear and is sometimes desired due to its warmer, unique luster. However, buffing with a soft cloth can easily polish any patina and tiny scratches, reviving Platinum jewelry to its original brilliance. It should also occasionally be cleaned with mild sudsy water and gentle brushing.

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